Thursday, February 14, 2013

Senior Solution to Waggin' Wheel Woes

St. Tammany Humane Society’s transport program, Waggin’ Wheels, began about 3 years ago in response to an expressed desire by rescue groups in the Northeast to help ease the burden of overcrowded Southern shelters and rescues by taking in dogs that were in high demand and not near as common and overpopulated as here in Louisiana.  And so began a partnership with what is now 5 rescue groups (as well as a few additional breed specific rescues) that the St. Tammany Humane Society regularly transported dogs, most of which would otherwise have been euthanized at the kill shelters from which they were pulled. 

In 2012, Waggin’ Wheels transport program allowed for 140 more dogs to be saved through STHS.  The rescue groups do pay for the vetting of these dogs, but the cost of transporting 25 dogs in a cargo van to New Jersey is nothing to bark at.  As a non-profit, every penny that is earned goes back into the shelter and programs such as Waggin’ Wheels.  So when the money is there….well, then the money is there.  Right now, the money that is there for transport is very little and this has greatly affected the number of dogs we have been able to transport to our rescues up north. 

Abby Scorsone, a senior at Mandeville High School, is doing her senior project on pet overpopulation and when she became aware of the attenuation of the Waggin’ Wheels program to the detriment of the animals, she decided to do what she could to raise transport money for the dogs who need those ‘waggin’ wheels’ to roll them to safety. 

Here is Abby with little Pierre, a little Papillion who has been accepted by the rescue group ARF (Animal Rescue Front) in Groton, MA.  He is now awaiting transport.
The average cost of a transport to New Jersey is $1000.  Abby has raised $500 so far, and still needs another $500 to meet her goal and to see those dollar signs transform into 25 more dogs SAVED. 

Abby was at STHS recently to see off 4 transport dogs leaving for their new forever homes in Pennsylvania.  The transport of these dogs was made possible by their few number and generous volunteers who drove them on one leg of their journey.  And though Abby was happy to see them saved, she needs your help in transforming 4 dogs into 24 dogs.  Can you help?  $50 pays for the transport of one dog, but no donation is too small; every dollar helps! 

 If you would like to donate to STHS’s Waggin’ Wheels Program for Abby Scorsone, you can

·         Donate via our website ( and please put “Waggin’ Wheels for Abby” in the Donation Designation box

·         Mail donation to:
              St. Tammany Humane Society
             Waggin’ Wheels for Abby
             20384 Harrison Ave
             Covington, LA   70433

Thank you in advance for your generosity. 


Abby Scorsone, St. Tammany Humane Society, and the dogs who need you


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