Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Second Chance

Typically STHS’s Second Chance Fund is reserved for one unfortunate dog or cat in dire straits. But our heartstrings were tugged beyond their capacity this time around, and we are hoping that yours are stretched to the point of making a generous donation to help out not one, but two needy boys.

Eastwood was found wandering aimlessly near the Humane Society. He appeared to be lost, hungry, scared, and most of all…..very friendly. Eastwood is guilty of the highest degree of affection mongering and his entire body wags when he spots a potential victim. Being a 2 yr old Pitt Bull, he certainly dispels any myths that this is a vicious or aggressive breed by nature. The only thing that plagues this guy’s big heart is the biggest killer of dogs in the South: heartworms. As all we dog owners know, heartworms, if not treated, are fatal. And the medication needed to treat this disease is frighteningly scarce these days, so we are limited on the number of dogs that we are able to treat.

Eastwood is not the only victim of heartworms that has won our hearts and spurred us to action in pleading for help on their behalf. Ferdinand, a beautiful Boxer/Lab mix, was found by one of our previous adopters near her home. He had on a ragged hunting collar and was extremely emaciated. She took him into her home and, to her surprise, found that Ferdinand was indeed a gentle giant. He stood patiently as her other dogs tried to assert their dominance with this intruder and was happy to have the kiddos pounce on him at playtime and snuggle up beside him at night. She took Ferdinand to STHS for vaccinations and to schedule a neuter, hoping to get him into the adoption program and donating as much of her own money to secure his safety as she possibly could. And then came the awful news that Ferdinand has heartworms, a medical condition that she just cannot afford to treat. We desperately want Ferdinand in our adoption program, but need the money to pay for heartworm treatment.

The cost for heartworm treatment to save both of these boys is $1000. We ask that you donate anything that you are able at this time, and thank you profusely in advance!!! Please give Eastwood and Ferdinand what we all need and deserve: A Second Chance.

To donate:

1) Go to
    Click the green Donate tab
    Enter donation amount
    Donation Designation: Second Chance Fund

2) Mail payment to:
    St. Tammany Humane Society
    Second Chance Fund
    20384 Harrison Ave
    Covington, LA 70433