Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mr. Richards Second Chance

Mr. Richards, a 5 month old Basset mix, came to the Humane Society recently in hopes of entering our adoption program.  He seemed to be the picture of puppy health, until the shyly curious pup tried to stand up as tall as he could on a back leg that just didn’t look quite right.  Upon close examination, the vet suspected a once badly broken leg that never healed properly.  Hindering Mr. Richards’ walking and movement in many ways, as well as the probability of associated pain with the old injury, it was determined that the leg must be amputated. 
As many St. Tammany Humane Society supporters are aware, there are unfortunate times when the financial burden of taking in many animals with serious injuries force  us to go to the community for help.  This is why the St. Tammany Humane Society’s “Second Chance Fund” was created.  It enables us to take in those animals whose treatment or surgery we otherwise could not afford.  And so it is with young Mr. Richards, whose sad puppy eyes are simply irresistible.  
But this is not just a plea for help.  It is also the beginning of a story that promises to change not only Mr. Richards and those who generously give to make that much needed surgery possible, but also a young girl, high school senior Lana Monsour, who made a commitment to help Mr. Richard reach that goal.  Lana goes to Mandeville High School and is doing her Senior Project on Animal Abuse and Neglect.  She made several visits to the St. Tammany Humane Society and when she heard Mr. Richard’s story, vowed to do everything she could to help raise the $600 needed for his surgery. 

We here at the Humane Society want nothing more than to give everyone a glowing update very soon about Mr. Richards and perhaps even one of you is interested in giving this boy a wonderful forever home. 
If you would like to donate to Mr. Richard’s Second Chance Fund and recognize Lana Monsour for her efforts in raising money and awareness for this special pup, you can mail donation to:

St. Tammany Humane Society
Second Chance Fund/ Lana Monsour
20384 Harrison Ave
Covington, LA  70433

Or you can donate via our website (www.sthumane.org) and please note in the details box:  Second Chance Fund/Lana Monsour

By the simple act of helping a single puppy in need, Lana is doing much more than she realizes to stop animal abuse and neglect.  It starts with the power of one (you).  And we hope will end with a happy puppy and a young girl who reached her goal of helping one small puppy who cannot help himself.  Please give any amount you are able to help us reach our $600 goal.  Every dollar is appreciated.
Anyone interested in giving Mr. Richards a forever home can contact Janie@sthumane.org or call 985-892-7387. 

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