Monday, December 3, 2012

Have Yourself a Maddie Little Christmas

In the past, when a certain piece of news found its way to the front headlines or a puppy’s tale  tugged at the heartstrings, we expected to read an in depth story regarding this special case.  But now in the world of short attention spans and a barrage of abbreviated information coming at us from all sides (Facebook, Twitter, etc), we must at times sacrifice substance for simplicity.  

And so we introduce you to a simple girl herself:  Madeline.  Madeline now holds the title of Longest Resident at the St. Tammany Humane Society.  She has been in the adoption program since she was a mere pup, though she has spent much of her life in the wonderful foster home of Kerrie and Jeff Bloom. 
Maddie was a mess when she first went home with Kerrie.  Frightened of her own shadow, but overly protective of the people close to her… took some time for her to acquire a comfortable level of confidence and equilibrium.  That was over a year ago, and Madeline has achieved….well….greatness.  She is smart, loyal, loving, and protective.  She still has insecure hiccups, and occasionally has a moment when her fear gets the better of her.  Unfortunately, the result is one not conducive to having very young and unpredictable children around. 
Madeline is not able to stay at her foster home for much longer.  And we fear that returning to a kennel setting will unravel the progress that she has made, and her fear and anxiety may resurface, to her detriment in more ways than one. 

Madeline would do great in a home with no young children or other large dogs.  She’d make a great loyal sidekick for a single person or older couple.  If you are a rescue dog lover….you will love Madeline.  She is the epitome of a rescue dog:  loving and grateful, with a side dish of hidden fears. 

As always, I ask whoever reads these words to try to ‘be’ Madeline.  We, as humans, have the same traits, strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities as the rescue dogs we (sometimes too righteously) assume we are saving.  In most cases, they save us from ourselves. 

Please help us to find our Madeline a Forever Home for Christmas.

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